How you can help your baby’s brain grow from day one

6 Things your Newborn Wants You To Know

Your child’s experiences change the foundation of their brain and will either help or hurt their growth.

  1. It takes children 4 to 8 weeks to learn how to smile. This doesn’t mean they are not happy, they can’t control their face muscles for a little while.

  2. Babies love it when you take turns  “talking” back and forth, like a game of catch. They may turn away for a break, but they will come back.

  3. Don’t be concerned about spoiling your baby. They can’t soothe themselves yet and soothing them now, teaches them how to soothe themselves later on.

  4. Babies learn from being with people, rather than screens. Please turn off the TV and put your phone away sometimes.

  5. Anger, violence and too much stress aren’t good for babies, they will be affected by these experiences.

  6. Babies take it all in when you look, smile or yell at them. Their brains never turn off, even when they are asleep or it seems like they are not paying attention.

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