What to Buy (and When) for Your Newborn

We've made it easy for you to plan and break down what do buy when and why.

This simple guide has some useful pointers to get your started and is courtesy of Pregnancy, Birth and Baby.

Our best advice is to start with the big items, such as furniture and prams.  Some nursery furniture, such as cots and drawers aren't always available straight away and may require 2-3 months to order in to the store. 

Slowly work your way through each section at a time so it feels less overwhelming and cross things off as you go. 

If you're a planning geek, then you will love the sound of a Google document or spreadsheet that you can use to help you feel super organised. 

Happy shopping!

Nursery checklist

Infographic courtesy of Pregnancy, Birth and Baby.

Written by Mamatopia founder - Marija Basic (aka planning geek).

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